Limerence M




The Silky Dreaminess for your Limerence-M collection.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant collision of colors with our " AURORA" collection featuring bold combinations of black and red. These fashion tights are designed to add a playful and stylish rhythm to your every step, making a visual impact that cannot be ignored.

Building upon the success of our " AURORA" series, we take visual enjoyment to the extreme. The intertwining red hearts gracefully adorn the sleek black stockings, urging you to express love without restraint.

Learn to embrace the power of color; some things are meant to be celebrated loudly. The intense and warm red may not be your everyday choice, but at certain moments, it is the perfect hue. Bold yet restrained, the "Love Heart Tights" leave just enough space to let the red hearts shine without overwhelming the senses.

The collision of black and red is an irresistible combination, captivating the beholder. The flowing luminosity cascades down like spilled ink, with heart-shaped clouds floating and dancing with every movement, seizing the visual spotlight and captivating the senses at your fingertips.

The subtle accents of "love hearts" add a tactile dimension, drawing you deeper into the connection. Peel away the veil of shyness and revel in the indulgence of intense passion. Love on this day is not merely a "glass of water," but a mutual tasting of "fiery spirits."

Elevate your style, embrace the bold, and celebrate love with our " AURORA FOR LOVE" fashion tights. Make a statement that lingers in the hearts and minds of those who witness the enchanting collision of black and red.

Using imported raw materials from Japan, Laimei adopts a new weaving method and silk material. Increased needle density, upgraded touch, with a more delicate and silky texture.LM silk material, moisturizing and anti-shedding, high gloss. High-density jacquard craftsmanship. Special no-waist design, breathable mesh crotch."

  • 10 denier
  • Shinny, Heart pattern
  • T-Mesh Crotch
  • Reinforcement toe with foot shape
  • 53.1% Nylon, 46.9% Spandex
  • Size: M 150cm-18cm 
  • Size: M 5' ft - 6' ft 

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