Limerence M




What LM is pursuing is the premium texture that goes beyond silkiness, manifesting female power in every detail.

The inspiration comes from Black Canary, the sexy, perseverant superheroine from DC Comics who always appears in fishnets.Canaries, for their beautiful feather colors and melodious singing, are popular all around the world as ornamental birds.

Here, the canary is more than a pretty bird to look at. The canary is able to make peace with the cage, or even break free from the restraint of the cage – the LM Canary.

Elastic satin waistband with the LM LOGO. The combination of premium texture and iconic design. Adopted the JACQUARD technique in creating the visual patterns. Made with high twist yarn, soft and elastic. Medium-sized meshes, classy and flatteriFishnet

  • Exquisite, premium, texture
  • Smaller meshes in the toe section
  • 93.2% Nylon, 6.8% Spandex
  • M size 150-185 | Waist 56 CM (Best fit waist size 54-75)
  • L size 150-185 | Waist 62 CM (Best fit waist size 60-100)
  • Size: M 4'11" ft - 6' ft Waist size 22" & L 5’5” ft – 6’ ft Waist size 25"

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