Limerence M




Delicate, soft, and silky translucent.

When chocolate collides with the warmth of a heated tongue, Threads of it melt upon the taste buds, Slowly savoring the rich, sweet, and intense fragrance, Leaving one reluctant to swallow, captivated by the silky and delicate texture that brings pleasure.

We wish not for this sensation to be a fleeting moment, To extend the enchantment beyond just an "instant" encounter, We have replicated this "feeling" to immortalize its beauty.

Injecting this "feeling" into the product, A creation that can be "enjoyed" and "relished," Introducing the "Melting Series" milk chocolate stockings by Limerence-M.

The "Melting Series," A product with an ultimate silky touch, It stands as the silkiest among all LM series, "Melting" is like a gentle spring breeze caressing the face, silky and smooth, Like milk flowing down the throat, effortlessly smooth. With each touch, its silky and delicate texture is enough to make our hearts "melt."

The sensation of "Melting" is irresistible and even "addictive," When silkiness reaches its peak, it becomes more than just a product, It transforms into a piece of "art" that one desires to cherish.

Ultra-thin 1D texture, Fusing seamlessly with the skin, Delicate, soft, and silky translucent, with an added layer of allure.

 Made with the world renowned Japanese POLIAMMIDE & WLASTAN yarn and Lycra yarn, combined with 528N -stitch sheer knitting technique, which makes the “MELT series” the silkiest product in our shop. Among the series, the “MELT MESH SEAMLESS” line even gets a more smooth and silkier update with a 528-knit knitting pattern. 1 Denier makes even thinner visually looking than 3D. This is our new signature product.

  • 1 denier 528N
  • Soft touch
  • Specially Developed Micronized Milk Filaments TM
  • Unique Mesh-Seamless crotch 
  • Sheer toe with foot shape
  • 80.4% Nylon, 19.6% Spandex
  • Size: M 150cm-175cm & L 170cm-185cm
  • Size: M 5' ft - 5'9" ft & L 5’5” ft – 6’ ft
Color: SAND

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