Limerence M




The  unique pantyhose Conceals skin imperfections from Limerence-M collections.

“These are the stockings that make every touch addictive.”When shopping for foundation products, People would prefer those that conceal imperfections while moisturizing and nourishing the skin. To cater to that need “Cream foundation” was invented, And has since become the most loved foundation product.

 The leg is the second face of a woman,But not all legs look perfect.Scars, bumps, and blemishes appear not only on our face, also our legs. The smart women would choose a pair of stockings with the right color and texture, To make their legs look better.

The “Mist Collection” is the right product. The colors in the “Mist Collection” are customized by Limerence M, And the misty colors cater to all needs of warm and cool skin tones. While maintaining a natural skin tone, The stockings conceal skin imperfections with 8D thickness.

The silky touch is the cherry on the cake, Adding a magical effect on top of physical comfort. Matte finish, illuminates the skin, silky and delicate, sturdy and loosening-proof Mid- to high- waist designs with support band. Breaking the myth that stockings cannot be soft and sturdy with brand-new high-density fiber and thin and translucent design. Matte finish, groundbreaking texture upgrade, smooth and delicate.

  • 8 denier
  • cream foundation texture
  • Fully transparent toe
  • No cotton crotch
  • 51.8% Nylon, 48.2% Spandex
  • Matte finish, smooth and delicate.
  • Size: M 150cm-175cm & L 165cm-185cm
  • Size: M 5' ft - 5'9" ft & L 5’5” ft – 6’ ft

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