Limerence M




“Secret Love” at first sight – that lasts for life.- LIMERENCE M

A day of romance, a day of love.“Secret Love,” designed for the love animals –Let the stockings speak your love language.

On this day, we celebrate love, Even the unspoken love hidden deep in our heart. No word is needed. With a present, we whisper the “Secret Love.”

In the name of love, we designed the product. With 1D ultra-thin, silky material, Every touch is fascinating, Every wear is enchanting. “Secret Love” at first sight – that lasts for life. Romance that is unspoken – but endlessly felt.

“Lost in a dream, floating, and sinking with every breath, Enveloped in a tender embrace, lingering, and never-ending.”

“Thoughts of you still set my pillow ablaze, With the warmth of morning lingering in a burning haze.”

“A distance both far and near, Facing each other, yet unable to feel or hear.” Upgraded packaging designed for love. Disposable tear-off packaging, Open the gift of love, for once and for ever;

Where true love is preserved, Light-weighted, convenient, and portable. Like Faye sings in her song, “Drop the guard and let the imagination run wild about you and me.” Feel the love and romance, On every Day.

Tightly woven fabric and silky texture. Ultra-fine yarns and Lycra fusion with anti-loosening and snag-proof techniques. Ultra-thin velvet for better fit, lighter weight, and a more silky feeling. Opaque coloring for healthy-looking skin. Classic T-crotch + T-shape open crotch.
  • 1 denier
  • Ultra-thin, silky material
  • Deep Crotch and crothless
  • Leg & toe shape
  • Polyamide 58.5%, Spandex 41.5%
  • Size: M 150cm-175cm & L 170cm-185cm
  • Size: M 5' ft - 5'9" ft & L 5’5” ft – 6’ ft

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