Limerence M




A pair of “strings” is enough for bringing classiness to your outfit.

Adopts 558N POLIAMMIDE & WLASTAN yarn imported from Japan and Lycra®️ yarn. Unique product design of shimmering elastic waistband with brand LOGO. Clean and neat “string” from hips to toe with no roughness.

“Fashion is a cycle.”

It is the classic elements that truly stand the test of time. After the end of World War II, women were asked what they missed most. About 35% of young American women answered, “men” the rest said "nylon". During the war, nylon was mainly used to produce military supplies. Many women even donated their nylon stockings. Because of the shortage of nylon. Soon nylon stockings became out of stock. To cope with the situation, Many women chose to paint a pair of stockings on their legs. They used black eyebrow pencil to draw lines on the back of their legs to imitate seams in stockings. Which inspired the creation of “back seam” stockings.

 “Back seam” stockings were not only popular at that time, It is still loved by many today, although there have been many technological advancements. As a classic stocking design, there is no doubt that the back seam design would be adopted by Limerence M.

On the design of this “string”, We have spent a year. “String” goes from the hips all the way down to the toes, clean and neat, without any rough edges. 

Every string is produced with sophisticated machines. The second-to-none technique has made the delicate and fine “string” possible. There is no other producer in the country using the same technique! Black and red is a color combination rarely seen in the market. The fineness of such color combination could only be brought out with sophisticated and delicate techniques.

  • 5 denier
  • Silken sheers
  • Super Ultra-Thin Silkiness
  • Crotchless and sheer toe with foot shape
  • 75.2% Nylon, 24.8% Spandex
  • Size: M 150cm-175cm & L 170cm-185cm
  • Size: M 5' ft - 5'9" ft & L 5’5” ft – 6’ ft

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