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Let 'A Little Sweetness' Release Dopamine and Awaken Your Inner Senses.

An All-Sensory Immersive Experience, Awakening the True Desires of Your Inner Senses.

When a product not only possesses its inherent attributes but is imbued with greater possibilities, It exudes unique charm and delight in every detail, Elevating ordinary items into heartwarming experiences.

After the senses of 'sight,' 'touch,' and 'smell,' Laimei pioneered Incorporating 'taste' into the product, Creating a four-dimensional, all-sensory feast brought by 'a little sweetness.'

The refreshing mint scent is like a gentle breeze, soothing the summer heat, Lightly touching every inch of skin, Making you feel as if you are in nature, surrounded by cool and peaceful air. The cooling sensation requires no assistance; it seamlessly integrates with the skin, Awakening the true desires of your inner senses. If smell evokes hidden memories and emotions, Then taste stirs deep-seated sensory desires. Just as sweetness is closely linked to dopamine, Sweetness can prompt the brain to release dopamine.

They play a crucial role in the body, delivering a sense of reward and pleasure.

Sweetness awakens joy, and dopamine conveys delight.

Their convergence in the mouth is like a magical conversation, Together crafting chapters of love and action.

As Shakespeare wrote in 'Romeo and Juliet': 'Your lips are like sweet desires, making one forget time while kissing.' When you immerse yourself in 'a little sweetness,' You too will gradually lose track of time in its four-dimensional immersive embrace. The irresistible salivation under your lips, the unknown sweetness filling your mouth, and the desire to explore lead your consciousness to teeter on the brink of rationality.

Let 'A little sweetness' release dopamine and awaken your inner senses."

  • 1 denier 528N
  • Silken sheers
  • Specially Developed Micron Sweeten Silk Threads
  • T-Crotch and sheer toes with foot shape
  • 80.4% Nylon, 19.6% Spandex
  • Size: M 150cm-175cm & L 170cm-185cm
  • Size: M 5' ft - 5'9" ft & L 5’5” ft – 6’ ft
Color: WHITE

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